M-Line Electric, Inc. is an authorized Baldor warranty shop. We repair all brands and types of motors. We also sell new motors. We keep most common motors in stock. Baldor single phase and three phase general purpose motors are designed to meet or exceed the energy efficiency requirements of the United States for general purpose industrial motors, while delivering high starting torque, overload capability and superior reliability. The extensive line of General Purpose motors is available in a wide variety of enclosure construction from industrial steel band open designs where water and dust exposure is moderate, to totally enclosed cast iron designs where exposure to water, dust and corrosives exists. The Super-E® Motors provide NEMA Premium efficiency and are Inverter ready with wide variable torque speed ranges as standard.

Key Features:

• Dynamically balanced rotor to reduce noise and increased bearing life

• Color coded and numbered leads for ease of connectivity

• Corrosion resistant brown epoxy finish

• Optimized windings to protect against voltage drop and phase shift